Monday, June 12, 2017


Studio No. 0117 - PASSING STORM (Chimayo, New Mexico) - 8"x10" Original Oil on Italian Gessoed Panel, framed - now available -

It is so easy to procrastinate! My second husband, Ernie, would jokingly threaten to chain me to the easel!  Took a little rest after our open studio exhibit "Three Artists of Taos" - I know that it is those quiet times - the days in between - when everything is silent that the next paintings come to me in pictures that float by - even when I am doing the dishes.  The word "procrastination" is deceiving - when I am not painting is the time when I do all the heavy lifting - the ideas come if I am really quiet.
Am still settling into this little studio in Taos - setting a work schedule every day from 10AM to 3PM - routine and discipline are my words for today.  This is truly a New Beginning....

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