Monday, November 29, 2010

48"x48" POPPY LOVE GRANDE! NEW Original Oil Painting

11/19/10 -  "POPPY LOVE GRANDE!" NEW 48"x48" Original Oil on Belgian Linen --Just completed today, this painting will be featured as a full page ad in the 2011 Wingspread Collector's Guide.   The glazed version of this painting is featured below -- the background will give you a fair idea of the size of this piece.  In my very modest opinion, it is a knockout!  Puts a big smile on everyone who sees it!  Now available for purchase through my studio - all major credit cards accepted.  Call at (575)758-7454 or e.mail for price and availability.

Preparing for winter.  Feel as though I am over the jitters of "what to paint next" -- the new material is amazing and the amount of new photos and sketches from my trips this summer and fall makes my old heart race with anticipation.  A couple days to chase dust bunnies and I will be all ready to start again!  New paintings, new auctions and some really special surprises!  Stay tuned!  DC

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