Tuesday, August 23, 2011


8/23/11 - PEDERNAL - 24"x96" Original Oil on Belgian Linen.  Work in Progress - The Glazes.  This is a diptych - the canvases are put together now so that I can have uniform colors in the glazes between the two canvases.  I previously said I would work on these canvases separately and discovered that is not an option.  Will work with both canvases on the easel and then I can bounce the colors back and forth between the canvases for a more uniform color quality.  DC

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

24"x96" PEDERNAL - Work in Progress

STUDIO #1411- PEDERNAL - 24"x96" Work in Progress - Sky: Deep bright violet underpainting.  Blue:  Permalba White, Thalo Blue, some Indanthrone Blue with a touch of ochre.  Dry Brush!  Clouds: Permalba White - touch of Cadmium Yellow with tiny bit of Cadmium Red.