Wednesday, July 25, 2012


STUDIO NO. 1412 - "BESIDE STILL WATERS" New 30"x60" Original Oil (wrap around painting) - Completed 7/25/12  (Available) Call (575)758-7454

Celebrating 45 years as a New Mexico artist!  Here is an excerpt from my book Taking the High Road to Taos...   My sincere thanks to each and every Art Friend for their encouragement and support throughout the years....

"My first sight after crossing the border into New Mexico in 1967 was that long, straight stretch of highway out of Tucumcari. Off in the distance and moving toward the car was a huge black storm cloud with a column of midnight blue rain pouring from it. Later I learned that the Native Americans call this phenomena "Walking Rain". I was a big city girl with three babies, six month twin girls and a two year old son, on a mattress in the back seat of the car and I was heading to the rest of my life on this alien planet called New Mexico.

Forty-four years later, I believe that the quality of my life and my work are inextricably bound to the  spirit of this place and its people. My visits to Mexico and Guatemala elicit the same excitement and curiosity.  It has always been my intention that the paintings exude the same wonderful mixture of the past and the present through color and texture.

Gratefully I have found that "unspecified area in life" where I feel safe and serene - peace. Those accidental twists and turns have brought significant changes in my life.  It is so easy to resist that "Senda Desconocido" (The Path Unknown); with just a little courage one can head the pick-up truck down another unfamiliar dirt road."  Donna Clair Taos, N.M. 9/3/11