Wednesday, June 23, 2010


23 June 2001 -- Every so often I realize I don't know who I am without a paintbrush in my hand!  That's when I have to take a break - time to observe the world without a camera or sketchbook. This hiatus took a little more time than I had planned, but it was well worth every minute.  What did I do on my spring/summer "vacation"?  My living space required repair and cleaning.  My office needed a good straightening up -- filing, proofing new prints, preparing my space to work on some books I plan to work on this fall.  I reconnected with friends -- some I hadn't seen in many, many years. Entertained a great group from the American Bar Endowment.....Art Friends from Virginia, Louisiana, Ohio, Santa Fe, Illinois and Wisconsin.  Went to Taos Pueblo for some fantastic fry bread.  A wonderful lunch at Rancho de Chimayo.  Visited Santuario de Chimayo and gave some prayers of thanks for good friends and this amazing place where I live and paint.....gratitude is good!  DC