Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"ON THE ROAD" - NEW 18"x18 Original Oil on Canvas

18"x18" Orig. Oil on Canvas
Framed in gold with linen liner.
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This image is now available as a 17"x22" (sheet size)  Studio Edition Print - on Ultra-Premium Presentation Paper (Matte) - enclosed in polyvinyl envelope and mailed flat.  $100, plus $10 S&H. 

      "Forward and backward I have gone, and for me it has been an immense journey..... Perhaps there is no meaning in it at all, the thought went on inside me, save that of the journey itself, so far as men can see.  It has altered with the chances of life, and the chances brought us here; but it was a journey -- long, perhaps -- but a good journey under a pleasant sun.  Do not look for the purpose.  Loren Eiseley,  Naturalist - THE IMMENSE JOURNEY.

Monday, June 20, 2011

ESTACA IN BLOOM - 22"x28" New Work in Progress (Underpainting)


20 June 2011-Glazes (transparent and semi-transparent oil color mixed with painting medium) add richness and vibrancy to the final painting.....the colors come ALIVE!  Planning to complete this canvas by the end of this week.  Stay tuned!  DC

Monday, June 13, 2011

ON THE ROAD - 18"x18" New Work in Progress (Underpainting)

13 June 2011 -- "ON THE ROAD" - New Work in Progress 18"x18" Original Oil on Canvas, framed in Gold with Linen Liner.  The road leading away from the small village of Servilleta, New Mexico.  This canvas is the beginning of a series of 30 new paintings from my 2010/2011 field trips.  Stay tuned!

LA CRUZ DE ESTACA - 12"x9" Original Oil - SOLD

NEW 12"x9" Original Oil on Canvas
Framed in Gold with Linen Liner - Available
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