Monday, September 21, 2009

FIRST LIGHT - 48"x60" Oil Painting (Work in Progress)

21 September 2009, Taos, N.M. -- "PENTIMENTI is an alteration in a painting....that the artist has changed his mind as to the composition during the process of painting - the word derives from the Italian pentirsi, meaning to repent".

First of all I changed the name from "Donde Nace la Vida" to "FIRST LIGHT" - (48"x60 Original Oil on Fine Belgian Linen) -- and then I began "deconstructing" the composition - am trying to simplify as much as I can so that the light is the subject of the painting. Sky: Combinations of Permalba White, Cadmium Yellow, Payne's Grey and Davy's Grey. Middle Ground: Yellow Ochre, White, and Mars Orange. Foreground: Grasses - Burnt Sienna, Prussian Blue and Chrome Oxide Green Opaque. River: Prussian Blue and Burnt Sienna. I will be working on this canvas for the next three or four weeks and will try to blog my progress as I go along. DC

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