Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"DONDE NACE LA VIDA" - New 48"x60" Oil Painting

"DONDE NACE LA VIDA" -- Here is the "cartoon" for a new 48"x60" Canvas -- this begins a series of 12 large format oils titled "AMBIENTES" (Environments).
I will attempt to journal every phase of this painting on this web log - would love to hear your feedback. DC


John Harmon said...

"Holy Mackerale" a 4'X 5' Canvas! good luck,don't get wore out with the late night sessions it will require as one I did several years ago did. I eventually finished it but as I grow older my attention span grows narrower.I had to stop some times and check my notes so I would remember what I was trying to do.Kidding you, Good luck, I know it will be Painterly: John Harmon

Cara said...

I am so looking forward to following this painting -