Wednesday, August 27, 2014


EARLY SNOW CLOUDS AT PICURIS - Archival Print from an original painting - you are invited to visit The High Road Print Catalog.

Oh yes!  It's that time of year again - fall sneaked up on us here about two nights ago - a chill in the air.  This morning landlord checking the heating zones in the house so I won't freeze and fall on a brush midstroke!  Moved to New Mexico 47 years ago this month.  This morning I was looking at all these images in this catalog - painted over my years in Truchas - and I wondered how it happened that I got so lucky to land in this place - such a chaotic set of circumstances brought me here all that long time ago - another storm of events brought me full circle to Tesuque - right up the street from El Nido where I had my first New Mexico "art show" - bet those paintings still resonate with the sweat and stomps of flamenco dancer Vicente Romero!  Just coming home to myself again (I am slow to change) -  carry these places with me every day when I sit down at that big easel of mine.  What I am feeling today is a deep and profound gratitude.

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